What is the S.P.O.T. Program?

The S.P.O.T. program was designed to benefit our patients by creating a custom savings program that allows you to start planning for your child’s future orthodontic treatment at an early age, in order to help minimize the financial impact it may have. We know that even with our affordable payment plans and your insurance benefits, adding one more payment to your budget can seem overwhelming. At Alabama Orthodontic Group, we are dedicated to making orthodontic treatment affordable, and we want to help!


Look at the chart to see how you can save (and earn!) while you wait for the optimal time to begin treatment with Alabama Orthodontic Group.

How do I enroll and begin saving?

As early as toddler age you can start your S.P.O.T. program, for as little as $25 per month! It’s simple! All you have to do is set up an automated monthly contribution with a minimum 6 month enrollment, and the SAVINGS will BEGIN! Select the amount you would like to invest each month (Note: this amount cannot be changed one the S.P.O.T. contract is signed) Alabama Orthodontic Group will deposit your contribution into an FDIC secured escrow savings account. You will then be able to apply your accrued savings towards a down payment when beginning treatment or apply it to lower your monthly payments, it’s up to you!

Enroll in our S.P.O.T. program today and Alabama Orthodontic Group will match 20% of your total investment up to $700 when your child is ready to start treatment. For example, if you deposit $2,000 into your account, we will deposit $400 into your account when orthodontic treatment is initiated.

What are the benefits of participating in the S.P.O.T. program?

  • As early as toddler age, you can plan ahead and put money away for future orthodontic treatment.

  • Alabama Orthodontic Group will match 20% of your total contribution once the doctor advises to begin treatment.

  • You can use the money you have contributed into your S.P.O.T. account towards your down payment to start orthodontic treatment or to lower your monthly payments once treatment is initiated.

Who can contribute money into my S.P.O.T. account?

We will not turn anyone away from wanting to be part of giving you or your child the smile you deserve!

A few examples of contributors:

  • Parents

  • Grandparents

  • Aunts and Uncles

  • Siblings

  • Friends

How do I contribute?

We will assist you in setting up a S.P.O.T. account within our system in which your funds will be deposited automatically into an escrow account when you select the amount of your monthly contribution.

What is the maximum TOTAL amount I can contribute to my S.P.O.T. account?

Up to $3,500.00 can be deposited into your S.P.O.T. account.

What are the parameters for my monthly contributions to my S.P.O.T. account?

The minimum monthly contribution you can make to your S.P.O.T. account is $25.00. The maximum monthly contribution is $250.00

What happens to the funds in my S.P.O.T. account if I move or decide to not start treatment with Alabama Orthodontic Group?

We understand that life happens, so if you decide to move or not start treatment with Alabama Orthodontic Group then the S.P.O.T. account may be terminated and the responsible party can request reimbursement which will occur within 20 business days from the cancellation request. Alabama Orthodontic Group will charge a 5% administrative fee for early withdrawals or termination of the S.P.O.T. savings plan. If treatment is not recommended by the doctor, ALL funds contributed to the S.P.O.T. account will be reimbursed 100% without any penalties. The patient, the patient’s family or any other contributors are not entitled to any of the 20% matching contribution monies deposited from Alabama Orthodontic Group.

For more information about the Children & Teen Dental Group S.P.O.T. program, click below to contact one of our offices.